Design Process

Our Approach for an Effective Design

Design Process step#1 Design Brief

Design Brief

A design brief commonly outlines fundamental information about the business, the target market, desired design style, project timing and the budget. The more information we'll get through the design brief; the more it will help us to shape a successful brand identity.

Design Process step#2 Research and Analysis

Research and Competitive Analysis

Using the information collected in design brief, we conduct a thorough research to comprehend the client's business, competitors and preferences of targeted audience. An objective of this phase is to understand how the business fits into the larger competitive market and what is appropriate to portray a robust image of the Client's Business.

Design Process step#3 Brainstorming

Brainstorming and Idea Generation

Based on organized research material a mind map is created. This mind map is used to generate keywords and their visual representation. Next a mood board is developed using these visual representations and the reference images provided by the client. The mood board facilitate us not only in ideas generation but focusing our main objectives too.

Design Process step#4 Sketching


Once we've formulated the ideas to explore, now it's time to start sketching. We sketch dozens of possibilities and allow ourselves for intuitive exploration of conceptual design solutions. At the end of sketching phase, a panel reviews all sketches against the design brief and the mood board and finalize the most promising ones. These final designs are sent to customers for review to ensure we are heading in right direction.

Design Process step#5 Design implementation

Design implementation

After finalizing the design direction based on the customer's review now we translate the sketches into digital artworks, refine them and make them more precise. First we develop our designs in monotone. As it is not wrong to say, a good design must be able to look good in monotone. Next we further polish the designs, and create different variations by using appropriate colors and typography according to the business needs. At the end of this phase we present our completed work in front of our design panel and to some other professional sources to get an instant feedback.

Design Process step#6 Presentation

Customer presentation

After getting professional feedback, we prepare our work for customer presentation in secure PDF format. In this presentation we show the logo with variation of scales, color palettes, backgrounds and some mockups such as a design rendered on sign boards, shirts or vehicle wraps to give the client a real world visualization with supporting notes.

Design Process step#7 Revision


If the client feels the design could be improved or modified to better meet the objectives, changes will be made where necessary.

Design Process step#8 Delivery


Once our client is satisfied with our work. Then it's time to hand over the final formats, files and necessary documents to provide all necessary help to implement the design in real world. At the end, our team is always available to help our clients.