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Brand Identity Designs

Hawksvale Developers

Brand Identity

Hawksvale developers offers Eco-friendly residential and commercial constructing solutions. Their Business Identity is design to express not only the environment-friendly solutions but also the professional expertise of Hawksvale Developers.

AW Builders and Developers

Brand Identity

AW builders and developers are known for their diversity and excellence. Their logo design highlights the company’s Dynamic Construction and architectural expertise.

Howland Dream Villas

Logo Design

Howland Dream Villas focuses on contemporary and luxurious lifestyle. Their business identity is designed to indulge all the aspects the company is offering for a perfect home.

Ownership Homes and Lands

Brand Identity

Roof symbols are excessively used in realtors and housing projects, so the idea was to design an icon of roof incorporated within the initial of the company name. The result is a clean and eminent logo that exhibits the nature of the company and also communicates trust and devotion.

AVIVA Real Estate

Logo Design

Aviva Real Estate deals in the high end residential properties. The purpose of this design is to portray a mature and inviting image of the company.

INSITE Hospitality Suites

Brand Identity

Insite Hospitality Suites is an emerging business, providing luxurious executive suites. The Logo is created to emphasize the key attributes of the company as well as its continuous progression towards success.

Joyous Smile

Logo Design

A smile gives you the confidence to let your inner beauty shine and that is the mission of “JOYOUS SMILE” to help you smile. So, the logo highlights a healthy teeth and a beautiful smile in a careful artistic approach to convey the message of Joyous smile and also to make their identity stand out from competitors.

HERBS AND OLIVES - the restaurant

Brand Identity

Herbs and Olives offers an exciting dining experience inspired by healthy vegetarian (vegan) recipes. The idea behind the emblem is to show the vegetarian nature of the restaurant, and olive branches symbolize with the name of the company.

Spire Dance Workouts

Brand Identity

Spire offers fitness workouts that makes exercising more fun and less of a hassle. The idea was to add fun while keeping overall icon simple and modern. Hence, this business Identity is designed to reflect a sense of freedom, celebration and untiring pleasure.


Brand Identity

Giselle is a luxury women clothing brand. The revolving G in the main emblem is to show constantly changing and trend-setting brand. The approach for this brand identity is simple, modern and timeless yet perfectly reflecting the eminence and grandeur of “Giselle”.

GZER - Leather Products

Logo Design

GZER is known for its high quality leather products and craftsmanship, the company needed a bold and prominent look to distinguish their identity in competitive market. To reflect the brand’s image, the identity badge for GZER is designed as a mark of excellence and grandiosity yet keeping it strikingly bold and prominent.


Logo Design

Fortunext is a business and personal insurance provider with a mission to help their clientèles protect what matters today and to prepare for what the future holds. So, a logo design is suggested where the main symbolism is to demonstrate care, responsibility and Trust, yet keeping the overall design simple and professional.

Print Collaterals

GISELLE - Brand Identity Package

Brand Identity

We were honored to design a complete brand identity package for “Giselle”. The idea behind each design is to show Luxury, High Quality standards and Novelty.

Smiles of NC

Brand Identity

Dr Barbara Holland at Smiles of NC is creating beautiful smiles using latest techniques and decade long of experience in dentistry. The Logo of “Smiles of NC” unveils an unpretentious and professional look of company.


Stationery Design

Fortunext is a business and personal insurance provider. Fortunext came back to us for their stationery design, design simple and professional.


Stardust Jewelers

Brochure Design

Stardust is a leading Gold and Diamond jewelry store, the brand required a brochure design for their upcoming Bridal Gala collection. This brochure is designed to display luxury and splendor, with a highlight on some salient designs and a hint of their artistic approach to craft each jewelry item.

Florence Hair Care - Heat protect Serum

Package Design

The package design for Florence Hair Care – heat protect hair serum is intended to display an exceptional and high quality hair care product.

Derma Consultants

Brand Identity and Packaging Design

Derma Consultants are manufacturing safe and healthy Hair and Skincare products. Their approach involves revitalizing the skin’s natural resources to help it recover its natural functions. For this business identity a Butterfly symbol rendered in bold colors is used to express transformation to a new beginning and hope.

Life Supplements

Brand Identity and Packaging Design

The mission of the company is to manufacture 100% natural and organic supplements for healthy life. We designed a striking yet minimalist Identity that focus on the organic products while emphasizing the main aspects of trust and reliability.

BORON natrual supplements

Brand Identity and Packaging Design

Boron offers a large range of Natural Nutritional Supplements to fulfill all requirements of a healthy body. The purpose of this design was to keep it unpretentious and remarkable to distinguish “Boron” in competitor market.


Package Design

The goal of the package design for Nature Fresh Orange juice is to make it exceptional and prominent in competitive market. A transparent bottle with a splashing orange slice is not only a mark of purity but it brings a sensation of freshness and excitement as well.

Frozen Potions

Brand Identity and Package Design

Frozen Potions manufactures a wide range of Ice-creams and frozen-yogurts. A Wordmark is suggested for Frozen Potions with a delicious and magical effect to make the company name bold and appealing.

Austin Self Storage

Logo Design

Austin self-storage provides storage units in several sizes with state of the art facilities and high level of security surveillance. The monogram of Austin Self-Storage is designed to express security, trust and credibility.

Optica Imperio

Logo Design

Optica Imperio is a Spanish optics brand that offers a vast range of high quality spectacles. The logo design centers on a bold and meaningful signature to emphasize quality and reliability.


Monarch Gym and Spa

Brand Identity and Outdoor Advertisement Design

Monarch Gym and Spa is a tranquil sanctuary for personal fitness and meditation. For this project we focus to reflect a playful and energetic image of the brand while incorporating a Monarch Butterfly symbol to comply with the name of the company and a hope for a healthy change.

Arizona Real Estate

Billboard Design

The billboard for Arizona Real Estate was designed for the brand recognition and exposure. Moreover, it is also highlighting their professional services and customer satisfaction.

ENVISION TOUR - Music concert Billboard

Billboard Design

Envision Tour


Billboard Design

The purpose of this billboard is to grab the attention towards the mouthwatering deal of Miami Yum Burger and light-up a desire for the hot and delicious burger.

Vehicle Wraps

COD - Cash On Delivery

Logo Design

COD as the name suggests offers Cash On Delivery services. The purpose of this emblem is to express a transparent and secure exchange while keeping the identity proficient, minimalist and timeless.


Logo Design

Electrical Perfection are licensed electrical contractors known for their responsiveness and professionalism. For “Electrical Perfection” an identity is suggested that artistically incorporate Bulb and Maintenance tools within the name of the company that looks unique and clearly portrays the nature of the company too.

EP Electronics

Brand Identity

Edward Pierre’s EP electronics is a fully licensed electrical contracting company offering services for high-end residential and commercial properties. Their logo is designed to portray a versatile facet of the company, while keeping E in negative space and a bold P, the logo also depicts a symbolic Plug and Socket.